Saturday, August 21, 2010

Now that's Dedication to Real Inspiration!

I know I say it all the time... the Idea Book & Catalogues that Stampin' Up! print are not just a wonderful place to shop, they are also a perfect place to be Inspired with Beautiful Project Ideas in glossy colour print.

When the latest Autumn Winter Mini was released, my customer Barbara T fell in love with the 'Love Life' card on page 31 and knew she just 'had' to make it! She was Inspired!!!!!

But... after looking at the recipe that Stampin' Up! share with us at to what items are used to make each and every project, Barbara came up with a small problem that she rang me with. She couldn't figure out what the strip of colours down the left side was, and I have to say, it had me stumped too!
This was a few days before convention, and I had it in my diary to remember to ask Stampin' Up! what it could be. Without needing to ask, it was announced on stage (probably after others had also noticed this striped decoration) that it was a printing error. A staff member who had made some of the creations for the catalogue had been given a sample of the Printed Window Sheet used on the front of this card and down the side of it, it had a strip of colour samples, creating the pretty striped pattern that was added to the card.

I shared this info with Barbara when I got back, and like a true committed paper crafter, she didn't let this get in her way! Barbara committed herself to creating that strip so she could make that card.

After several hours of cutting thin strips of each of the colours and gluing them individually on a piece of Whisper White, side by side, she had made herself a sheet of
A4 Striped Card and this is it....

Barbara was then able to cut a thin end off her new piece of striped card and Voila!
There she was with a perfect thin strip to decorate the side of her card.
Yep, that's dedication!

Barbara's daughter Jennifer was the lucky recipient of this beautiful card for her Birthday!

Yes, it took hours Barbara says, but so so so worth it! The best part now is that Barbara has a whole sheet of this striped pattern that she can take a little strip off the end each time she wants a fancy edge down a card, and the hard part is already done!

Reminder: The Autumn Winter Mini ends on the 31st August as well as the 2009/2010 Idea Book and Catalogue.. there are some items in the Autumn Winter that we won't see again, such as the DS Papers in there and even the beautiful printed Window Sheets from page 31 that Barbara has used on this card. Don't forget to order any favourites from the Autumn Winter Mini as well as the Big Catalogue, before the end of the month!

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