Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Camp 2010!

Since Camp in August, things have been a little hectic here, so my apologies for this blog post being sooooo late!

Camp 2010 Memories....

This year we set off to Brookfield for our Camp.

A fresh venue, bigger room, private bedrooms,
larger group... and a whole lot of fun!

The meals were yummy...

It was so relaxing sitting by the pool and catching up with friends
over lunch/breaky, and a cuppa...

The highlight for me was having my sister Jackie at camp!
Jackie has caught the Stampin' bug, and flew down from Cairns to join the fun!

She made some gorgeous cards (of course, she has a good teacher! lol)

Jackie was inspired to make these cute cards by Sam who made a card similar on camp...

My Best friend Kirsten did some travelling too, all the way from Westmar/St George. Kirsten caught the bug last time she came to the Island, it's so much fun to stamp with friends...
I don't mind sharing the bug!

Kirsten was set a challenge by a few of us around her when she commented on a particular piece of paper as "yuck". We challenged her to make a card with it, and like the Kirsten I know well, she took it on... and WOW... look what she created! It goes to prove, you can make a masterpiece out of anything if you put your creative mind to it, well with talents like Kirsten's you can!

Big THANKS to Debbie J for the cute name tags she made "Stampin' Up! style of course!

Camp wouldn't be the same without our 'Debbie Tags'. I have a cute collection from over the years, thanks Debbie, they are so special xo

Carla has always wanted to make a 'Family' decor piece for home, as long as I can remember, and this was her year! Check out the masterpiece she made... well done Carla, it turned out perfect, and worth the wait! xo

Here are a few happy snaps of some of the wonderful creations this years campers produced...

This is the beautiful box Debbie Mc made me. Thanks Debbie, I am so lucky to have so many lovely & thoughtful friends like you xo

On the last day Carla and I were sneaking clinkers under the table, look at the groovy heart shaped clinker we found. I couldn't resist this photo!

And here it is... the card of the camp! Yes, there is a story.....

This is the card Kirsten made on the Sat night before she went to bed. We all kept telling her she should add something to it like a tree or clouds etc, but she just loved her card the way it was. (So did we of course, but we weren't letting her know that. lol)

As she went to bed, her last words to us were... don't touch my owl, he's watching you!
hee hee hee...

As soon as she was out of sight, Jackie made a replica and this was our joint effort of 'improvements' we made to Kirsten's little owl. lol.

We left it in the spot where she left her card, and the next morning Kirsten's face was unforgettable! But yes, it was a replica, and I only kept the joke for a tiny bit of time before I gave in, but it was a laugh and a half and a camp memory we will never forget! What a hoot!

I guess you are wondering what I made... well... hmmmm, I did make a couple of cards, but had so much fun sitting with my sister, Kirsten, Carla, and all my other wonderful friends... me being me, I will admit, I made more conversations than cards... but never mind... I had a ball, and can't wait until next year!

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  1. You guys sure made some great cards & looks like you had a ball. I have to say that the trick you played on the poor lady that made the owl card was very cheeky. I can just imagine what she thought when she saw it! Ha ha...